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Window Cleaning

Windows tend to get dirty. It doesn't rain much in south California, but despite that the windows get dirty so often. Our company provides a service for cleaning windows both outside and inside - depending on the client's wishes. Let us provide this service to you and you will be convinced of our quality. Windows have no right to be dirty to prevent you from admiring the beautiful view from your window. Screens and tracks can be added to service. For more information please fill out form on Get Estimate page.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Of course your first question would be - Why should I clean my Solar panels? So, here is the answer. Solar panels lose their productivity if they are dirty. Solar panels getting dirty because of a lot of reasons like: after rain stains , dust which stays all around panels, bird droppings etc. Solar panels must be clean to keep their performance at 100 percent. If panels are not clean - energy loos can be between 25-30% which means you loosing lots of money which you can spend on yourself. We are here to provide this service for you professionally and make sure to keep your solar panels execution on higher level!

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning can be much more important than you can imagine. A dirty gutter can do a lot of damage to your home which can cost you a lot of money. If you have trees in your yard, you definitely need to take a look and take care of gutters, because trees are the top thing which can cause these problems. We are committed to cleaning your gutters without damaging them or staining your yard using power wash.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dirty dryer vents are a big fire hazard. Lint stays on the vent and can cause a fire while using the dryer. That’s very important to get the dryer vent cleaned. We use professional equipment for cleaning purpose. There are more advantages by getting the dryer vent cleaned like saving money and time on laundry.

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